Estancia Association

Instructions on Online Fee payment

  1. Enter the Flat Number
  2. Enter first 3 characters of the Flat Owner name (excluding initial)
    [For eg. GAN for N.GANESH]
  3. Verify the Owner Information and select the fee
  4. Verify the Payment
  5. Enter Fee Remitter information, Agree Terms & Conditions and Proceed for Payment
  6. After payment process, check for the payment status
    • on Success - Download the receipt
    • on Failure, if Fee payment is confirmed by your bank then after 24 hours the receipt could be downloaded
    • on Failure, if Fee payment is not confirmed by your bank then proceed for Re-payment
Fees Payment System

Flat Number


Flat Owner name


Registered Email ID


To generate Duplicate receipt
to make a payment,
kindly provide your Id credentials above.